Shabbat in the Village

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Lots of song, easy-to-follow prayer service and quick Torah thoughts to inspire your week. Our service uses Hebrew-English prayerbooks so everyone can follow along and it is designed for the beginner and veteran synagogue-goer alike.
Weekly Services are held Saturday mornings and we have occasional Friday Night services at Kiddush and Cocktails
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Location: Chabad of Pittsford 21 Lincoln Ave Pittsford Village

Saturday Mornings - 10am Morning Services
11am Torah Discussion 
12pm Light Kiddush 

There will also be a Shabbat kiddush following services. You can reserve a special date in advance that you would like to sponsor (yahrzeit,birthday,anniversary etc.) by emailing us below.

Full Meal/Kiddush Sponsor is $180. Half Sponsor is $90
For more information or to be put on the special shabbat-in-the-village email list for updates and reminders - email [email protected]

Hope to see you soon!