check your mezuzah

Because Mezuzahs must be made according to very exact laws and specifications, only an expert can determine if a Mezuzah is kosher.

Some basics: The Mezuzah must be hand-written by a competent scribe on specially prepared parchment with the specific types of quill and ink mandated by tradition.

A Mezuzah should be examined by a reliable scribe, at least twice every seven years - once every three and a half years. Temperature and weather changes, as well as age, may cause the ink to fade and crack, thereby invalidating the Mezuzah.

Fill out the form below and a representative of Chabad will make a free house call and visit your home to check your Mezuzot. If it is a more complicated scroll question, we can send them to a Sofer – a Scribe- who can do a thorough professional letter checking (the scribe charges a small fee of $6 per scroll). After he has scrupulously checked them, we shall return them to your home, and re-affix them to their original place.


Check My Mezuzah!