High Holiday FAQS

I am not religious; can I come to services at Chabad?

At Chabad of Pittsford we welcome people from all Jewish backgrounds, affiliations or non-affiliations. The fact that you are even considering coming to High Holiday services shows your commitment to the Jewish faith and a Jewish spark. Even if you consider yourself unaffiliated or not religious, you are sure to enjoy the services at Chabad of Pittsford.

How can I learn about the High Holidays? Are there classes?
We will be having a Pre-High Holiday class on Sept. 20th. More class info here.

What is unique about services at Chabad of Pittsford?

The mission of Chabad of Pittsford is to create an invigorating and inspiring Jewish learning and experiential atmosphere. Services are traditional while including a super friendly environment. The prayer books are in English and Hebrew. The Rabbi is friendly and provides a running commentary throughout the service, bringing meaning and joy (plus some jokes) into the prayer experience. The fellow congregants are from diverse backgrounds yet we all feel part of the extended Jewish family.

Even if its been years since you have attended a service - you will enjoy this. After all, family is always welcome ;).

What time and where are Services?

Time: The full schedule can be found here. You can pick as many services you would like to attend.
Where: All services are held at the Chabad of Pittsford Center - 21 Lincoln Ave in Pittsford village (excluding the Tashlich Family Service.

The Tashlich @ the Canal Family Service will be held on Monday, October 3rd, 6:00pm at Port of Pittsford Park behind the Pittsford library.

Tell me about the Children's Service.

There will be a children's program during the main service. The program's goal is for our youth to be in an experiential Rosh Hashanah environment. We recite some prayers, hear stories, sing songs, play games and partake in traditional Rosh Hashanah snacks. All children come into shul for Shofar blowing.

Is there a charge to attend?

In short: NO

The whole story: Chabad of Pittsford is independently funded by locals who choose to donate according to ability. If you can afford to make a high holiday donation, to help cover the costs, that is great and is optional on the reservation form.

Are reservations required?

While reservations are not required they are VERY helpful. Knowing how many people to expect helps us to ensure that there is enough space for everyone. It shouldn't take more than 2 minutes using our easy to fill out form here.

How about membership?

Chabad does not have membership. You do not need to pay to pray! If you would like to make a donation for the service- it is greatly appreciated and you have that option on the form. If you want to become a partner in our ongoing work, visit the Chai partnership program page.

Where can I get directions?

We are located in the heart of Pittsford Village 1 block from Main st. and Monroe Ave. Our center's address is 21 Lincoln Ave. Pittsford, NY 14534.

Do you have Family seating at services?

At the Tashlich @ the Canal family service, we all stand together as we cast our sins into the water. Tashlich will take place on Monday, October 3rd, 6:00 pm at Port of Pittsford Park.

As far as inside synagogue there are different arrangements for spiritual and social times according to tradition. During actual synagogue prayer services there are separate men's and women's seating areas. When men and women get together it is a social event by its very nature. Prayer time on the other hand is a more private event and during the service it is important to allow those we love as well as other congregants the space to have private time between them and G‑d without social distractions.

The buffet Kiddush following services is more social and everyone is welcome to sit with their spouses, families and friends.

Have a question that didn't make it to this list? Email info@jewishpittsford.com and we will G‑d willing reply within 24 hours!