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  • Do you have an interest in learning about Judaism at your own time and pace?

    Would you like to be exposed to different areas of Torah, Jewish teachings and philosophy in simple to understand english?

    This year, you can take part in what thousands have called life-changing and enhancing:

    Become a Chayeinu Member!

    Chayeinu is a weekly magazine publication that comes in the mail which has daily study areas in different parts of Torah and Jewish Philosophical Literature. Everything is in both Hebrew and simple to understand English. The primary study areas are the Torah Portion of the week with the Rashi commentary, The Daily Section of Tanya and and Daily Portion of Maimonides Book of Mitzvos/Mishneh Torah.

    There is a cost but in honor of just starting the Torah from the beginning (last week we started Breishis/Genesis), now you can try it out as a gift!

    Chabad of Pittsford and Chabad of Rochester are offering the first 20 people a gift of a 6 week subscription right to your home!

    All you have to do is fill out this form and you will receive 6 weeks of this magazine and start learning about Judaism in a systematic text-based way! 

    Rabbi Hein is also considering to offer a weekly class at the beginning of the week to lay out the different topics of study for the coming week (you can respond if you would be interested in that).

    Wishing you all a year of knowledge and light!

    Rabbi Yitzi Hein

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  • "Chayenu is a must for anyone interested in systematic weekly study in manageable morsels yet filled with wisdom and Torah breadth. Equally applicable to a Chabad House member or any one questing for a good balance of the spiritual and tangible dimensions of Judaism, the English translation affords a wonderful opportunity for a much wider audience, and often clarifies more obtuse concepts. I warmly commend the editors." 

    Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf

    Dean, Spiritgrow- Josef Kryss Center Australia

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