Now entering its 5th year, thousands of Hebrew school students from around the world are becoming experts in
Jewish knowledge through JewQ!  

How does JewQ work?

Who: We are excited to invite all Jkids students or any Rochester Jewish child in Grades 3-6 to join!

What:  All you need to do is by ordering the Living Jewish Essentials book and learn a small amount each week. You can learn the Jewish knowledge information at Jkids Roc each week or at home, but an important part of the learning takes place at home so parents should try and help their kids stay on top of the review schedule.

Each student that averages over 70% on the 3 qualifying tests that will take place over Nov.-Feb will earn a special local trip!  

As a bonus:  All students who earn 70% average are invited to get the chance to be a champion at the

JewQ annual Shabbaton in New York, Weekend of March 26. 

The once in a lifetime Shabbaton is full of fun activities and thrilling adventures, Champions take the final test to earn a JewQ Medal at the International Championship,and the highlight of the JewQ experience and Shabbaton weekend. The top 2 finalists of each school will also get the chance to compete on stage in a live game show performance. 

  To sign up and order your book please click here 
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to [email protected]