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Shanah Tovah!

Celebrate the High Holidays among friends and connect with your inner self. Services will be interspersed with explanations and page guidance. In short, you will feel at home. Wishing you and yours a very happy and sweet new year!

High Holidays Services
Yom Kipper Children's Program

Dear Friends,

The High Holidays, traditionally a time for reconnection and renewal, are almost upon us. After more than a year of uncertainty and upheaval, we are eagerly looking forward to spending an especially meaningful holiday together.

At Chabad of Pittsford, every Jew is already a member. Whether you will be joining us for the High Holiday services or one of our other Fall Programs, you’ll experience the warmth and joy of community and get a chance to reflect and recharge your spiritual batteries during this sacred time of year.Our children are an important part of our holidays. The Rabbi-led Family Experience & fun activities headed by our energetic counselors will leave the children with positive memories of their childhood experience in Synagogue.

We are hopeful that this coming year will be one filled with connection, friendship and growth. As we navigate our new reality, you can rest assured that we remain committed to your health and safety. Please call or see our website for the most updated covid guidelines.

Rabbi Yitzi and Rishi Hein 

High Holiday Appeal
Increase your generosity of tzedakah (charity) during the High Holiday season. “Repentance, prayer, and charity take away the severity of the decree”.