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Dear Friends,

It is with great emotion and excitement, that we announce the writing of a new Torah scroll in memory of R' Chaim Hein OBM. To honor his recent first Yahrzeit, the Hein family is launching a Torah scroll campaign. This Torah will be very first for the Chabad of Pittsford community led by his son and daughter-in-law Rabbi Yitzi & Rishi Hein.

A Timeless Circle

Whenever a Torah is written, it is a unique opportunity to strengthen a timeless connection to the past, as well as create more keys to a Jewish future. It represents the anchor of ideals and mitzvahs that have kept the Jewish people strong throughout our history. When the Torah is completed, we rally in a joyous circle (hakafot) around the Torah, proclaiming: Am Yisroel Chai - The Jewish people live on!

Mr. Chaim Hein OBM

This Torah is dedicated to Mr. Chaim Yehudah Hein, of blessed memory. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend to so many. Many will remember his friendly nature, and the Jewish pride that he displayed in all his endeavors. The Chaim Hein Community Torah will help commemorate his life of Jewish ideals in a practical way, and share it with the many who walk through the welcoming and open doors of Chabad of Pittsford.

One Torah, One People: A Spiritual Connection

The Talmud tells us that each individual letter in the Torah corresponds to each individual Jewish soul. While holding the Torah, we hold the collective Jewish nation in the palm of our hands. Just as each letter of the Torah is essential to its integrity — its absence invalidating the entire scroll until repair — so too each and every Jewish person is of paramount significance. 

Like the letters in the Torah, every Jew embodies an integral and inseparable part of the Jewish people. Without labels or differences and regardless of background or affiliation, the Torah connects us to each other, one letter at a time, to be “One People.” 

Take Part in The Mitzvah of Writing a Torah

It is well-known that there are a total of 613 Mitzvahs (Commandments) in the Torah. The very last mitzvah (#613!) is for each of us to write our own Torah scroll. Since the Torah scroll writing project by a trained scribe takes almost a year and costs upwards of $50,000, each person can partner in this mitzvah by commissioning the writing of at least part of the Torah scroll for themselves and members of their family.

By dedicating a letter, word, verse, chapter or Parsha in the Torah for yourself, your family members or friends, or in memory of departed loved ones, it is considered as if you have written your very own Torah scroll.

The Hein family and Chabad of Pittsford invites friends, relatives and community members to join in and take part at all levels in the creation of this beautiful new Torah scroll for the community.

Please join us in this great and rare mitzvah that will benefit generations to come!

May we share in each other Simchas,

The Hein Family

Dedicate Your Part