“When we first heard of CHS our first thought was that being a secular Israeli family, a Chabad Hebrew School is obviously not for us. However, as we soon realized, the CHS experience was far from the image we had in mind. Led by a young dynamic team of dedicated teachers and directors, the CHS is a fun, hands-on, creative learning environment for the kids. Everyone feels welcomed and accepted regardless of their ob- servance level. The emphasis is on strengthening Jewish identity, taking pride in, and enjoying our culture and heritage. Our oldest son, a Junior at BHS, is a graduate of CHS, who is now continuing his Jewish learning through C-teen and JLI courses. I can truly say that thanks to the supportive, encouraging relations with the CHS team, he stayed connected to his Jewish learning throughout his high school years and even for his fu- ture college plans. Now with our second son enrolled, (an active, action-driven fifth grader ) seeing him getting out of bed gladly on Sunday mornings to go to CHS without a single "Uh" - now that says it all! CHS has given our kids a great Jewish education, built a strong lasting foundation of Jewish values and above all made our secular family feel completely at home.”
- Netta Zahavi, DVM

“My husband and I knew we wanted him to go to Hebrew School and to become a Bar Mitzvah. This was im- portant to us. We also knew we wanted him to have a different Hebrew School experience then we did; one that did not involve sitting and being lectured at and giving up all extra curricular activities. We started looking into Hebrew School of the Arts and after much discussion decided to give it a try. We brought our son, Elijah, and he loved it from the first day. He liked the fact they were moving around, doing art projects, and learning to read Hebrew. Each week was full of different engaging activities, that made the time pass too quickly for him. He even chose to miss soccer one week in order to participate in their Sukkot on the Canal festivities. To sum it up in three words HE LOVES IT! He is always so excited when we pick him up to tell us everything he learned that week. We HIGHLY recommend Hebrew School of the Arts to everyone!”
- Francine and Steven Barnett

“Our kids went to a couple different Hebrew Schools in the past but the experience at the Chabad Hebrew School was very different. They are actually looking forward to going in on Sunday mornings and love the different activities that they are doing at school. They are more engaged than ever in their Hebrew reading and in their learning. I could not have asked for more. This has been a great success!”
- Irena Pesis-Katz, Ph.D.