CurriculumWe believe that real learning happens beyond the traditional textbook style of imparting information; a child really learns through engaging with the subject with all of one's senses and emotions. At Hebrew School of the Arts, the children don't simply learn about Shabbat, rather, they experience Shabbat - they prepare for and celebrate a real Shabbat.

Our curriculum is developed using a hands-on, minds-on and souls-on approach, with age appropriate standards of knowledge and skills. A great deal of thought and planning is put into the preparation of materials, lessons, and projects to ensure that what is gained each week is relevant, meaningful, and lasting.

Lessons will cover a range of topics such as the Mitzvot, Holidays, Jewish History, the Land of Israel, and general concepts of Judaism. Meaningful school - wide projects will accompany each unit as children learn the 'how's and 'why's of Jewish living. Through songs and discus- sions, children will become familiar with basic liturgy and prayers and get acquainted with the Shul (synagogue).

Please refer to the Aleph Champion Program for our Hebrew Reading Curriculum.